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25 Best Things To Do in Seoul, South Korea

Check out my Seoul travel guide and tips at this link: — All my personal Seoul travel tips and suggestions! Seoul, South Korea, is truly an amazing city to visit! It’s modern, easy to navigate and there’s little something everyone will enjoy. The Seoul subway system makes it easy to get around town and discover exactly what the giant city has to offer. Surrounded by Japan and China, Seoul and South Korea sometimes doesn’t get all the attention is deserves . Korea is home to a unique culture, cuisine and a fascinating history. If you ever have the chance to
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Понять и полюбить Корею

Эта экскурсия — настоящее погружение в культуру Кореи и путешествие во времени, ведь Сеул — один из тех городов, где можно без труда, перемещаясь из одного квартала в другой, скользить сквозь эпохи.